City2Sea 15km Event 12th November 2017

A year ago 2016 I registered to compete in this event but was unwell and had to pull out at the last minute, so I had to support my training partner and Events in Jon Meeks complete 2016 on a hot and humid day.
This year I was not going to miss it, that Saturday as normal Sam Meeks, Jon Meeks and myself did our local 5km Maribrynong Park Run, just for a light training run, I actually felt rather comfortable running a 4:20min per km so after only the 5km I was thinking I could hold that pace for each of the x3 5km on the Sunday in the run to finish in a time of 1h: 04min-1h: 05min.
The forecast was going to warn again which I donít mind as I am not a cold weather person and I perform better when itís warmer.
I was really looking forward to this event as a fortnight ago Jon and myself completed the 21km Melbourne Marathon Festival and I set a new 21km Personal Best time of 1h:36min so I knew that this course was 95% identical to Melbourne Mara.
Sunday 12th of November the day of the City2Sea Event, Jon and Sam were picking me up at 6:15am as Sam had entered her very first 5km event and her start time was 7:45am as Jonís and mine started at 8:20am, I was up at 5:30am to prepare my nutrition and fluids that I was going to carry on my waist belt, I prepared my Amped Power in my 400ml bottle that I put on my belt and had a 60ml bottle of Amped NOx to help me with endurance, also grabbed another 60ml bottle of NOx and a 60ml bottle of E+ shot to have 20-10min prior to I start for pure energy.
Before and after every training session and event I rub my @fisiocrem into the areas that require my muscles to be in peak condition and relaxed, fisiocrem is a herbal solution that helps relieve common muscular aches, pains, bruising and sprains resulting from everyday life or sports injuries.
Jon, Sam and myself drove in and found a park in the same area that I parked for the Melbourne Marathon right opposite the MCG, Samís run started at 7:45am so Jon and I had plenty of time to warm up after we saw Sam start her run.
I got changed into my GREEN WARRIOR costume and we walked Sam down to her start area down on St Kilda Road, about 1km from where Jon and I had to start at 8:20am, all I had around my waist to run with was my 400ml bottle filled with my Amped Power plus I would carry a 60ml bottle of #Isagenix E+shot full of pure energy to drink 5min before race time.
7:45am and both Jon and I cheered Sam off on her very first 5km Event!!!!!! How excited is that!!!! So both Jon and I headed back to where our starting location was, that was in the Green section as the starting groups were sectioned off into expected finishing times.
As we both jogged over the walk bridge between rod laver arena and the MCG I received a phone call from Claude a friend I was going to meet with before we started so he told me he was in the green section as well so we chatted until we heard the countdown start.
8:20am and it was time to run, I had a bit of an issue with getting my watch to unlock so it would record my run!!!!! Anyway we went under the inflatable Westpac arch at the start line, I was still having an issue until about 180mt down the road, finally it worked and I could focus on the job at hand, I did not get a position at the front so it was like playing tiggy at the start to try and get some open space but finally got out and began my assault on the course.
Apart from my watch my start was one of my best I felt so pumped and I was zig, zagging in and out and around people like I was being tracked down by the catcher cars!!!!! My 1st km pace was 4:03min, we ran up Wellington Parade and onto Flinders Street were the 1km mark was located then we made a left turn into St Kilda Road were a little way down we turned left into Linlithgow Ave were that would see us run in a loop and join back onto St Kilda Road.
At about the 4km mark I noticed in the distance 200mt a pacer with a balloon not knowing until I made ground on him still at this time holding a 4:17min per km pace and thinking to myself am I traveling to hard but I felt in control and comfortable, and was able to catch up and pass him at the 5km mark to find he was the 67.5min pacer.
The night before I had a plan of trying to run x 3 5km times of around 21min25sec to finish in a time of 1h: 03min – 1h: 05min so I dam well knew I needed to keep this pace consistent the whole 15km or that time would not be possible, I was in the zone, one that I had not been in in most of my other runs, I had my first mouth full of my Amped Power just after the 5km mark to keep me powered up, just after the 7km mark we made a right turn into Fitzroy Street, it was still overcast but it was perfect for running, 500mt down Fitzroy street we made a right turn into Lakeside Drive, at the 8km mark I had a flat spot and felt like I could stop and walk but I have never stopped to walk in any of my races yet to this date, but I am always well aware and ready for that event were I may have to actually be forced into stopping to a walk, but on this day I just slowed my pace down and focused on my foot strike and lifting my knees a little higher, still with no breeze to think of and overcast at each water station I would focus more on poring the water on my Quads then in my mouth, 1 cup water in my mouth and 2 cups poured onto my Quads to keep them fresh "so to speakĒ at the 9.5km mark there was a Massive Westpac inflatable Arch that we had to run through and it spayed a fine mist of water onto us to cool us down somewhat !!!! At this stage I opened up my 60ml bottle of Isagenix E+shot I had stored in the front of my running waist bag and had a nice mouthful of that so it gave me my second wind!!! 10km down at this stage and I have a glance down at my watch to find its at 43:05min I need to keep this pace up, I canít slow down or this moment will be lost so I pushed on making a slight left into Albert Rd Drive were there was another Water station were again I poured 2 cups of water over my Quads, following the Albert Park Lake around we took a left turn into "Aughtie DriveĒ 12km mark I was in a passion were I could actually be spot on with my time prediction 51min & with 3km to go NOW was the time not to slow up and think that the job was done, donít ask why but for some reason I started to surge for around 500mt then back off back to the pace I was going at 4:25min per km I did this for about a bit over 1km Running Down " Village Green DriveĒ, coming out of Albert Park Lake and back onto Lakeside Drive the 13km mark was 56:20min.
Turning right back down Fitzroy Street to find it was a slight downhill, what a bonus!! "Not so to rest but to try and find a bit of time because I knew I was going to be very close, I was pumped but pushing hard as we turned right at the bottom end of Fitzroy street it was the 14km mark and my time was 1h: 00, running onto Beaconsfield Parade with 1km to go I noticed my biggest supporter in my big Sis (Janine) standing behind the fence so I gave her a massive GREEN WARRIOR double fist pump salute and turned up the pace to an almost sprint for at least the next 200mt,thatís where we made our final left turn into "Pier RoadĒ were basically there is about 800mt to the finish line running down to the finish line I glanced over to my right I saw Jodie Attard and her Sister Nette cheering me on to the finish, after crossing the line I looked at my watch and it was smack bang on 1h:04:00, a couple min on my friend Claude crossed the line and a few mins on Jon crossed the line in a time he was satisfied with.
After we were given our finishers Medallion we had a well-earned coffee and sat down and chatted with my sister and my good friends I have meet through running, Janine Clark, Ben Wallis, Chris White @cecilesun, Penelope Pitstop, Netti, Jon Meeks, Sam Meeks, Peter James, Ashleigh Taylor, Claude and his wife Anna.
To cap off the day a journalist from the Sunday Age came up to me and ask if I would be interested in giving him an interview on why I run in the GREEN WARRIOR costume and what is my reason behind it!!!! I did have a photo taken with my 2 legend runners in Ben (the Flash) Wallis & Jon (Mr Consistency) Meeks and it was featured online The Age -
Massive thanks and shout out to my Sponsors that keep me running in the best form I can be in and keeping the body in perfect condition.
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