Sunday 15th October 2017
Melbourne Marathon Festival 21km

Hi People, well I want to start off by congratulating all my good friends and the others I know a little from the running community that competed in the 2017 Medibank Melbourne Marathon Festival yesterday, it does not matter if you competed in the smaller event or the full 42km Marathon, whatever level of fitness you are at, the main thing is you challenged yourself with all the rest of us.
I hope you all had a good event and shrived to better your performances.
Well for me where do I start "this statement is defiantly true!!!? sometimes a week feels like a long time, and 12 weeks 3 month can make a massive difference to one's performance output, if that make sense!!!!!!!, back in July I ran my first 21km Gold Coast Marathon with my great friend and training buddy Jon Meeks, you always go into an event with a plan of attack on how you are going to run, you have a time in your head that you would like to achieve, and the nutrition you will take onboard for your Journey.
For me the nutrition side is all too easy as I am on the best Energy and Performance Product I have had in all my years of competing in sports, the Isagenix ANZ Amped range!!!! These products have been a game changer for me, in the sense that I am able to train a lot more intensified and harder for longer which intern has massively improved my performance.
At 46 years young I feel the fittest i have ever felt apart for a back related issue that i now need to manage due to my previous employment.
Yes most days i feel the pain and discomfort of the injury, and on some days it does stop me from doing the things i am totally passionate about that is my fitness and running but i am totally grateful that i am in the fitness industry, because i have learn't to condition my core and related muscle groups that help support were my issue is so i can still do these physical activities to a standard were i can be relatively satisfied.
3 months ago i was privilege to become a Fisiocrem Sponsored Athlete, Fisiocrem is a every day sports and pain re leaving crem, for Muscular aches and pains, as i have a back related issue i need to manage it every day, and with the fisiocrem it keeps my back issue feeling great.
I use my fisiocrem pre and post activities and Running event, were i will rub it into the areas i need to free up for soreness,stiffness, or to activate more flexibility in some muscles.
Fisiocrem is a herbal solution that helps common muscular aches, pains,bruising,sprains resulting from everyday life or sports injuries.
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when you set out to try and achieve a new PB (Personal Best) it takes a lot of hard work and commitment, to reach a higher level of fitness because you are pushing your body harder to produce a greater output of performance. you are never sure how your race will go to plan until you are in the moment, you can plan, your can discuss tactics months and weeks out from your event and even your training can be perfect in the lead up.
I wouldn't say that my training was perfect in the 12 weeks leading up to the 2017 Medibank Melbourne Marathon Festival yesterday, but it was consistent and i had made some improvements in some areas i needed to concentrate on over that 12 weeks.
Its funny because we all hear this saying that is "there is no pressure, just go out and enjoy it for what it is worth" and yes to most people that is the case but if you are like me and you are competitive in your own self to better you progress you will apply your own pressure to go out and try and run a new PB if its attainable, and i had a gut feeling that yesterday was that day to have a real crack, on the Saturday like every Saturday Jon Meeks Sam Meeks and myself ran a 5km Maribrynong Park Run to have a light run before the 21km the following day, all felt great and very comfortable running at my normal 4:10 - 4:30min per km and walked away only 40sec off my 5km Personal Best of 19:26min.

Sunday morning the 15th of October 2017 , #Melbmara day, woke up at 4:30am as my mate Howard Phillips wanted to come and watch the event and enjoy the buzz a massive event like this brings, so we headed off at 5am to make our way into the city, as i did not know how busy and parking would be around the event site, i got a park nice and close to the starting area in #Boatho#BoathouseDriveuseDrive opposite the Marathon start line, by this time it was about 5:45am and we had a few hours to kill so i got the "GREEN WARRIORS" costume on and all the rest of my running gear i take on a 21km or longer run, then Howard and myself walked over the Swan Street Bridge to the MCG were all the action was starting to happen, both Howard and myself went into the MCG to look at the ground and setup.

By this time it was it was about 6:45am and i met up with Jon Meeks who was also running in the 21km Half Marathon with me,Jon dropped is clothes bag off in the drop off area and we went for a light warmup run before we needed to go to the starting area.
7:50am Jon Meeks Howard Phillips and myself walked over to the start area to say our final Good Luck gestures to each other, there were no motivational speech needed as if you couldn't get any more motivated from what was about to happen in approx 10min time when the countdown to the Half Marathon was on, 7:58am we all needed to be up standing (Ha-Ha Joke "Standing") for the Australian National Anthem which gave me goosebumps as it was time to get this Game on, the countdown from 10 -1 was all that was needed to turn my focus towards running a near perfect race, a race between my previous 21km time and my physical and mental drive.

You cant help not get caught up in the frantic pace straight after the gun goes off just to try and get some clear room and to get into your own running pace,good thing for me i found me pace within the first 3km and held it pretty much the whole way around the course, i did notice at about the 5km mark a lot of runners were passing me and i did not get concerned as my pace was nice and relaxed and i felt in control and i knew that i always increase my pace the further the distance goes and at this stage i was ahead of the 1h:40min Pacers.
The long track up St Kilda Road felt like forever for some reason, but then we made a right hand turn and ran down Fitzroy street then another right turn into Lake side Drive were we made our way around the Albert park lake, still ahead of the 1h:40min pacers i needed to keep my focus and not get carried away like i do in my other event and start High 5"ing the spectators that are cheering you on along the course, still running well in control it was at the 11.2km make were i glanced around a noticed the 1h:35min pacers about 300mt behind me so i put my head down and bum up and pushed on until they caught up to me and past me at the 12km stage, by this stage i had found a second wind a little more energy to sort of hang with them about 500mt behind them but still within viewing distance, as we made our way back onto St Kilda Road on our return it was slightly down hill so i had abit more speed and maintained a increase in pace to stay in viewing distance of the 1h:35min pacers, it was at the 16km and i was feeling strong and the 1h:35min pacers were not pulling any further away so i knew that i just needed to keep pushing forward and try not to have o sneaky look over my shoulder to see how far the 1h:40min pacers were off me,it was at at the left hand turn into Southbank Blvd off St Kilda Road were i took a sneaky look over my left shoulder to see if i could see in the distance the 1h:40min pacers,to my surprise and in my favor they were no were to be seen so i just kept running, were we did a loop and made our way back onto St kilda Road until we reached the 19km then we turned right at Fed Square and ran down Princess Walk up over the William Barak Bridge, then made a little left turn and run onto Brunton Avenue by this time i knew exactly how far i had to go to the finish line and that i would achieve a sub 1h:40min half Mara but still did not know by how much, running up a light gradient into the MCG was one of the best feelings you will ever feel if you get the chance to compete in this event as the energy and atmosphere was just what you need to finish your race, as my tempo increased as i ran around the boundary line of the MCG to the Finish line were i then looked down at my watch to stop it and saw the time of 1h:36min 06sec.
Feeling pumped i waited for Jon Meeks to cross the line to go and get our Finishers Medallions. just want to thank a few of my sponsor that i am an Ambassador for and i am very grateful for the help and support that they show for me and that is what keeps my body in great condition so as i can compete in these Event that i am very passionate about, so a Massive thank you Enertor Enertor Brand Ambassadors fisiocrem Australia Fisiocrem Isagenix ANZ Coolcore Australia Elite Fitness Equipment SnapLaces Saucony Australia Wrightsock Australia Jaybird F45 Training Maribyrnong Garmin Australia #lebeachappartments #Forrunner920xt